Create infrastructure for a better future

Nebu Abraham-Editor, Construction Philosophy.


India is going through key financial sector reforms. Every sector experiences big challenges while the reforms are implemented. It is time for us to streamline businesses and be prepared to push for a growth oriented economy. Every leading entity must take a step to counter the negative effects and survive the possible slowdown during the preliminary stage of execution as the transformation could create a lot of confusion similar to that caused during demonetization and implementation of the Goods and Services Tax. India as a nation should now focus on growth and thus eliminate poverty.
Challenges are inevitable and we must be ready to face up to them. The real estate and construction industries have taken a big hit during the last couple of years due to many factors, including the cash flow and funding problems. Sale of properties has declined during this period. One of the main factors that have affected sales is the speculation about the possibility of a financial crisis, which is not confirmed yet. Since our financial strength lies in our domestic market, we must have the confidence and must proceed with investments to promote growth and prevent a market crash. As the father of our nation said, “the future of India lies in its villages”, we must focus more on our villages for further growth. Providing more to the villages and adding infrastructure can reduce migration to the cities in search of jobs. Our villages must be self reliant with all the necessary resources. They should have the potential to produce their own food crops, clothing, etc., which eventually would create job for the local community. The Government should put more effort into promotion of small scale industries in villages.
Together let us raise our voice for a better living.

CP-Vol. No. 01 Issue No. 04


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