“Changing material world”

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It is a changing world out there. And, meeting the requirements of a world
that is in constant flux, has always been a challenge for the construction
industry. Growth of the construction industry is dependent on the kind of sums
that the government spends and the legislations and enactments that it puts
in place from time to time.
Two recent legislative initiatives of the government are of great significance
when viewed from this perspective. These are the Real Estate Regulatory
Authority (RERA) Act and the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) notifications
issued by the Government of India. Although they might in the short
term appear to be a drag on the industry, they cannot but have long-term
beneficial effects as both these legislations have been brought forward with
lofty goals of environmental protection and sustainability.
Development is not just building up endless number of structures. Built
spaces must merge with the environment. Needless to say, the materials used
for construction assume crucial significance here. Use of materials that do not
add to the burden on the environment and deployment of machinery and
technology that help avoid waste can play a big a role here.
In this issue of CP, we have focused on the wonder world of materials and
their eco-friendly transformations over the past few decades. We hope that
the new generation of construction professionals would devote their energies
to environmentally sensitive construction practices using materials that leave
whatever is left in nature intact for future generations.
Together let us raise our voice for quality.

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