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Kochi Demolition Deconstructed

Jet Demolition Managing Director Joe Brinkmann and Edifice Engineering partner Uttkarsh Mehta, who led the demolition of three out of the four apartments at...

Demolition Project from Up-Close

Each of the four apartments demolished at Maradu in Kochi on January 11-12, 2020, presented different challenges.  The H2O Holy Faith Apartment was a...

“Demolition too is a necessity”

  "A perfect plan is needed for the demolition of a building. There are no set rules for this process which has become part of...

“India must address the C&D challenge”

Indian construction industry has been growing at the rate of 10% annually over the past 10 years. Indian real estate operations are estimated to...

‘Textbook Demolitions Thanks to Team Work, Meticulous Planning’

We spent a lot of time planning. Then our plan was given to the police. Then the police added their points. We went back...