Put your country first, walk the straight path E. Sreedharan


Two things are needed when you are taking the walking straight. Be sure about your subject. Confidence in knowledge is at most important. The other thing is integrity and Straight forwardness. If these 2 qualities are there, we will always walk straight. And you can reply to any kind off criticism and nobody can accuse you for any malpractice. Nobody can stop your work saying there is a problem.

When you start working straight, people will start respecting you. And then even politicians will start respecting you. I had a lot of problems with the politicians. But when they find that it’s all been done for the good of our country and that incident will help them also in political way, then they stand by us and they are happy

  1. You can never be a brilliant Engineer if you don’t have love for the country or concern for the contractors”:-

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