Gopi Krishnan and Finaz Naha Founders, Build Next.


“Traditionally, customer experience has always taken a backseat in the industry. Software, technology & marketing has all targeted businesses and professionals, for good reason as well”

It is just in the near past that builders started thinking of improved customer experiences, and we started seeing experience sales in the segment. Construction as an experience is still waiting for a premium customer experience to be created.

  1. We are going to see a lot of more drastic improvements in processing power capabilities of devices, especially handheld devices”:-

 We are going to see much faster data transfer speeds. And we are going to see landmark changes in customer experiences in the other entire customer facing sectors around us – retail, financing, automotive, accommodation, restaurants, healthcare, tourism and education. Construction is definitely starting to catch up.

“Internet is helping us maintain a huge live database of products and services, which helps take decisions faster”:-

 Internet is helping us create a set of documents which are not only synced to these databases, but also to each other, creating a system where every collaborator is always on the same page.

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